5280’s founder, Jesse Hogue, noticed that customers’ complaints were surprisingly consistent and ubiquitous: lack of communication and accountability. Of course, these issues are a natural by-product of the old pool service model which is to pay employees as little as possible, train them as little as possible, and charge the customer as much as possible.


The 5280 way began as a simple solution to this problem: a pool professional who actually manages your pool project and is personally responsible for meeting your expectations. This more efficient and more effective model allows 5280 to thrive in business while taking great pride in our methods. 5280 has since expanded from a pool maintenance company by enlisting Denver’s most committed pool builders. We have spread our simple, honest approach to all aspects of the pool and spa business: design, construction and remodeling. As we grow, we maintain laser-focus on our radical commitment to ethics. We remain true to the ideas upon which we were founded, and we know that ethics is our key to lasting success.


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